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Best Medicare Supplemental Insurance Best Medicare Supplemental Insurance
If you rely on Medicare for your health care, you might have found that Medicare doesn’t cover everything. For those on a fixed income,... Best Medicare Supplemental Insurance

If you rely on Medicare for your health care, you might have found that Medicare doesn’t cover everything. For those on a fixed income, it can be extremely difficult to afford medication or any additional health care costs not covered by Medicare.

If you are in a difficult situation where the health care bills are piling up, consider Medicare Supplemental Insurance. Medicare Supplemental Insurance is insurance that can help cover what Medicare doesn’t. We analyzed several plans with our experts and today we are breaking down the Best Medicare Supplemental Insurance!

Best Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Information About Supplemental Insurance

An important note: in order to get supplemental insurance, you must have both Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. Part A covers inpatient, and Part B covers outpatient care. Anoter factor to consider is Supplemental insurance only covers one person. Additionally, as long as you’re paying your premiums, Medicare supplemental  insurance can’t drop you, no matter what medical issues you may begin to suffer from.

Supplemental insurance won’t always cover everything Medicare doesn’t.  Supplemental insurance is not going to cover all expenses. Things like vision, dental, prescriptions, long term care and private nursing are also not typically covered. Finally,  supplemental insurance must be acquired within the first sixth months of you turning 65 and you must already be on Medicare to qualify.

United Healthcare Insurance Company

The United Healthcare Insurance Company is endorsed by the AARP, and for good reason. This company offers a great deal of benefits for those on Medicare. They have a 94 percent user satisfaction, which is stellar. They also offer coverage that can be combined with a Medicare Part D plan. Those with this policy can visit any doctor that accepts Medicare! United Healthcare allows you to choose from a wide variety of plans, coverage, deductibles and benefits so you have coverage to fit your health needs and your financial situation.

State Farm

State Farm is another option for supplemental insurance. State Farm Medicare Supplement Insurance is designed to cover the gaps in Medicare, helping to pay deductibles, coinsurance and copayment amounts not covered by Medicare. State Farm also provides you the flexibility to choose between different plans to meet your individual needs and budget. They are a well-respected agency and are renowned for their high customer satisfaction ratings “Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is There” tagline is very true. State Farm insurance might be able to cover hospital or medical services your Medicare won’t pay for as well.


Humana offers Medicare supplemental insurance that covers Medicare Part A and B. Humana’s policy covers coinsurance for medical expenses, co pays, hospice care and hospitalization, skilled nursing facility care, and blood work. Additionally, the Humana plan also covers copayments for outpatient services. Remember, this is in addition to your Medicare coverage, so getting this extra coverage could save you a lot of money when you have expensive outpatient services. Particularly if you have frequent doctor’s visits, you may find yourself saving a ton with this supplementary policy.

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