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2019 BMW X3: Luxury SUV Review
BMW’s luxury SUVs have a sterling reputation for a number of reasons. The 2019 X3 has some great expectations behind it: after all, it bears the name of one of the most beloved luxury SUV lines in the world. That said, the 2017 and 2018 model years have been... Read more
Best Midsize SUVs: Riding in Comfort and Style
While there was once a time when the sedan was the king of the road, the midsize SUV now stands as the most popular type of car for daily driving. And who can deny how great SUVs are for getting around town? The high driving position, the wide wheel... Read more
Best Smartphones in 2019: Best Phones Money Can Buy
When it’s time to upgrade, you want nothing but the best. If money is truly no object and you want to own the very best cellphone, you’ve got an overflowing number of options in 2019. From Samsung phones with killer displays to Google’s unbelievably cameras, there are ample options.... Read more
Which Airline Miles Credit Card is Right for You?
Frequent flyer miles. You hear about them all the time, any it seems that every company claims they offer the best rewards for frequent flyers. However, they can’t all be the best, right? Someone sits atop the heap, and someone is making stuff up. Today, we’re helping you cut... Read more
2019 BMW X5: What’s New for 2019
BMW’s name tends to conjure up images of fast-moving, sleek sports vehicles and cutting-edge car technology. However, the company has proved they can make an exciting and responsible SUV in the form of the X5, and this year’s model is no different. Is it worth the hefty price tag,... Read more
HP Spectre x360: A Capable Two-in-One, or Overpriced Computer?
HP’s popular Spectre series of two-in-one laptops has seen a huge uptick in features and usefulness with the recent 2019 model. Sporting a gorgeous 13-inch display and three different viewing modes, there’s a lot to love about the newest Spectre. The question remains: is it worth the hefty price... Read more
OnePlus 7 Pro: Can it Take on Samsung as an Android Flagship?
Samsung is the name to beat in the world of flagship Android devices. However, OnePlus, a premier Chinese manufacturer, is gunning for the throne. Their recent releases have been of exceptional quality, all while coming in at a lower cost than the average Galaxy phone or iPhone. Is the... Read more
2019 Infiniti Q60: A Worthy Affordable Luxury Car?
Infiniti is known for making luxury cars of exemplary quality with reasonable price tags for the average person. The 2019 Infinity Q60 is upon us, and it’s time to ask: is this a worthy affordable luxury car? Let’s look under the hood, inside the cab and at the specs... Read more
Best Credit Cards for 2019
Whether you’re looking for a great rewards card or just something to cover some basic bills with, credit cards can be a great resource. As long as you’re making sure to pay off your monthly balance and never borrow more money than you have, you’re building your credit while... Read more
PowerBeats Pro Review: An Alternative to AirPods?
AirPods are the de facto true-wireless earbuds on the market, thanks to Apple’s dedication to high quality and brand recognition. However, Beats has a new entry in the wireless market coming on May 10th, the PowerBeats Pro. Are they a true competitor to Apple’s throne? Well, Beats is owned... Read more