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What has Vivo Done Now, The Apex
    The Vivo Apex is nothing more than a concept phone right now, but it’s tremendously impressive. Not only are the bezels practically non-existant — 1.8mm on the top and sides, 4.3mm on the chin — but there is no notch at all. It begins with a massive... Read more
Cutting the Cord? 5 Best Streaming Services in 2018
The days of having to tune in live, buy discs or subscribe to expensive cable/satellite packages in order to watch your favorite shows and movies are gone.  Streaming services started as an add-on to DVD and digital download offerings with a trickle of second-run movies and TV shows. But speedier internet... Read more
5 Things We Found Out About the Galaxy S9
Think you know everything about the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+?  We have been posting, researching, speculating on the next big thing in the android world for a year now. Finally it has be unveiled, and we were mostly correct but here are 5 unsuspected things we... Read more
SmartPhone Spotlight: Nokia 8 Sirocco
Nokia has officially launched the Nokia 8 Sirocco  at the MWC 2018, which will be available from April 2018 . In fact, this is the most powerful phone that will support  Android One. The Great Premium Line Solid Stainless steel build Qi wireless charging The Not No headphone jack... Read more
The Matrix is Calling from the Nokia 8110 Reboot
Nokia has debuted a wide range of promising Android phones across a full pricing spectrum, from the slick Nokia 8 Sirocco at the top to the ultrabudget Nokia 1, which runs the stripped-down Android Go operating system. The most exciting news from Nokia is that they are bringing back... Read more
Ausu Z5 It Looks like iPhone Acts Like Cheap Android
It was Taiwanese tech company Asus’ turn on Tuesday to unveil its latest flagship phone at Mobile World Congress. While better known for its various PCs and gaming products, Asus has been making smartphones for quite some time. Asus is taking on the iPhone X with a cheap android... Read more
The Home of Tomorrow is Here…
Smart Home communities are beginning to pop up in the United States. Home builders are starting to recognize the potential in creating a fully functional smart home form the ground up. These homes of tomorrow come fully equipped with voice activation of every switch and appliance throughout the home.... Read more
Hyperloop One, the Train of Tomorrow…Today
In 2017, Virgin Mobile purchased the Hyperloop One company and unveiled its concept for the train of tomorrow. Hyperloop One chose 10 cities around the world to introduce it’s high speed commuter trains and plan to grow from there. This underground train travel up to 7oo MPH in a... Read more
Its a  Deal with MoviePass
MoviePass is an American subscription-based movie ticketing service. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in New York City, the service allows subscribers to purchase a single movie ticket per day for a flat subscription fee per month   The Great Terrific value great interface and useabilty Very Convenient Unlimited Movies... Read more
Easy Smarthome Devices to Increase Your Homes Value
From smart thermostats to automated lighting and everything in between, there’s no question that innovative, Internet-enabled technology can make a home more fun, convenient and safe. What you may not know, however, is that it also represents a potentially valuable investment. Im going to take a$7000 investment to smart... Read more