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Suffering From Dry Skin? Try These Moisturizers
Dry skin can be a huge pain, or, in some cases, hugely itchy! The worst cases of dry skin can be quite uncomfortable, but there are a few things you can do to fight the itch. Namely, you can pick up skin moisturizer and use it to keep your... Read more
Botox Treatments: How do they Work?
Botox treatments are the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure in the world! How much do you know about this popular procedure, though? Maybe you’ve heard about the muscle-paralyzing effects of the procedure, or maybe you’ve just heard that the procedure helps to eliminate wrinkles. Today we’re looking at the... Read more
Dry Skin Moisturizers with SPF
Everyone uses face moisturizers, but not all moisturizers are created equally. Many do not give you the protection you need. So, today we are looking at the best moisturizers with SPF protection!  The “best” face moisturizer for one person might be the worst for someone else.  It is important... Read more
Is BodySculpting for you?
Dieting and doing a lot of exercise has often been viewed as the best way to try and improve your appearance. These traditional methods, though tedious and onerous, are the do-to choices for most of us. However, due to the numerous technological developments that have deluged the world over... Read more
Anti-Aging Creams: Staff Picks
As you age, taking care of your skin is very important. We have put together a guide for quick and reliable solutions of anti-aging creams for senior women. We evaluated the creams below on the following criteria: -Moisturizing ability Your anti-wrinkle cream should have moisturizing properties that will help to... Read more