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Are You Spending Too Much Time on Your Phone?
Smartphones have changed the way we live our very lives. They’re alarm clock, timer, flashlight, calculator, game system, portable computer and, of course, phone, for the modern human. However, many people feel as though they may be spending too much time on their smartphones. When is it time to... Read more
This New Piece of Technology is Bringing Families Together
Video calls tend to feel like a bit of a chore from time to time. While they can be great for connecting with loved ones who you can’t be physically present with, they’re also somewhat stilted and can feel artificial. The Facebook Portal’s aim is bringing families together with... Read more
Great Apple Tech War of the 21rst Century
Apple is always up to some fantastic things, Making headlines and straight surprising us with out of the box ideas. Apple News is plentiful and fascinating so here is a quick look at a few things Apple is up to today. Also it help as you are reading these... Read more
FaceBook Portal and The New Video Calling
Facebook has something it wants in every home to be always on, always watching always listening. Its called FaceBook Portal. The FaceBook Portal devices are video-calling machines that people can use to talk through a screen to other Facebook users. They have a 12-megapixel camera with high-definition video and... Read more
Top 5 Video Chat Services
For years we were promised video chat in every movie and tv show that took place in the future. The Jetsons did it, Back to the Future did it. I grew up assuming it was weeks away from reality my whole life. Then one glorious day in 2010, Steve... Read more
Facebook Clone Hoax, Did You Fall For It?
Facebook Clone Hoax Alert. So you got a message that said something like this on Facebook this weekend? “Heads-up!! Almost every account is being cloned. Your picture and your name are used to create a new face book account (they don’t need your password to do this). They want... Read more
Facebook is Now Scoring Users Facebook Trustworthiness
Brace yourself people, things are about to get weird. Not weird in the fun British way, no, weird as in Mark Zuckerberg becoming the Orwellian dictator we have long feared. Facebook Inc (FB.O) has started scoring its users based on their Facebook trustworthiness in an attempt to fight misinformation.... Read more
Ten Things You Should Stop Doing on Facebook
Facebook is hardly the safe or secure place many people treat it to be. There are a number of common mistakes Facebook users make that could potentially harm them in the long run. To help you clean up your online presence and make yourself generally happier, we’ve got some... Read more
Facebook Protecting Far-Right Extremist Groups
Facebook has been at the center of many controversies recently. The Cambridge Analytica leak was a huge breach of user data that set the company on the back foot. Then, news broke that the site had been used as a platform by Russian nationals seeking to influence the outcome... Read more
Facebook Keyword Snooze, Finally We Can Hide Topics in Facebook
How many times have we had to avoid Facebook when our favorite teams are playing for fear of getting updates on the big games you have DVR’ed for later. Not to mention avoiding Game of Thrones spoilers as I tried to catch up on the latest season. Facebook has... Read more