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Affordable Ways to See a Broadway Show
Who doesn’t love a great live show? The songs, dance, pageantry and costumes are so very amazing, and we all love a good, or even average musical. Getting all dressed up and walking down 7th ave can be a glorious experience. There’s no shortage of enticing Broadway or Off-Broadway... Read more
Educational Trips that Won’t Bore the Kids
Kids are on Christmas break and are getting bored. What to do to entertain and enrich their little lives? Educational trips. Whether they’re a history buff or a drama queen, an animal lover or a budding chef, enriching travel experiences adds a learning component for a vacation truly worth... Read more
The Secrets To Getting Better Gas Mileage
Holidays are a prime time to travel. You have time off work and family and friends are anxiously excited at the chance to see you. Its a great time for a road trip. What about the gas? Although gas is much cheaper this Christmas season, they’re still not giving... Read more
Reduce Your Risk for a Serious Fall
Older Americans are at much greater risk of suffering serious falls than they think. One in every three people over 55 takes a serious fall each year. That’s over 30 percent of people over 55! Of those people, about 30 percent suffer moderate-to-severe injuries, such as broken hips or... Read more
Tips for Saving Big on Your Next Car Rental
When you take a trip out of town, one of the expenses you have to keep in mind is your car rental. However, you don’t have to break the bank just to rent a decent ride to get you around town! Today we’re going to help you save big... Read more
Tired all the Time? You Might Not be Getting Enough Quality Sleep
Do you find that you’re always yawning? Do you doze off whenever nothing stimulating is happening? Are you generally just tired all the time? If these things are the case, you might not be getting enough sleep. Or, you might be getting enough sleep, but not enough quality sleep.... Read more
2020 Ford Bronco: What We Know So Far
In 1996, the last Ford Bronco was released, much to the dismay of many outdoors-y enthusiasts. After the rugged, off-road capable 4×4 went off the market, many of Ford’s faithful mud-lovers ended up switching over to brands like Jeep. After all, the Jeep Wrangler has largely kept the spirit... Read more
How to Save Money When You Upgrade Your Smartphone
There are constantly new smartphones coming out. Every year the biggest smartphone manufacturers release new flagship phones full of great new features. If you’re not careful you could end up spending a ton of money trying to keep up with the latest tech trends. If you’re looking to upgrade... Read more
How 5G Speeds Will Impact You
5G speeds are very nearly a reality for millions of wireless customers. Hype surrounding this next jump in cellular communications technology has been building for years. After all, it’s the next step in how our devices wirelessly communicate with one another. Everything from cell phones to self-driving cars will... Read more
Best Value for Used Mini Vans in 2019
When it comes to mini vans, the first thing you want is a good value. If you’ve got a big family with a lot of kids and want to cart them all around comfortably and affordably, you’re looking for a value minivan. As everyone knows, one of the best... Read more