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5G Networks are Coming: Are You Ready?
The biggest shift in wireless communications history is coming up soon, and it goes under the name “5G”. The newest advancement in wireless communications technology, 5G networks will revolutionize communications speed and change the way the world communicates. This might sound like hyperbole, but it isn’t: this will be... Read more
Real HomePod Killer? Sony’s Smart Home Speaker Now Just $50
Sony’s LF-S50G smart home speaker has recently received a price cut down to $50. The speaker started at $200, putting it at a comparable price point to Apple’s HomePod. With its new, reduced price, though, it’s a much sweeter deal than Apple’s expensive, ecosystem locked HomePod. Sony LF-S50G Speaker... Read more
Is Your Screen’s Blue Light Keeping You Up at Night?
Television screens, phone screens and computer screens all emit blue light that can make it very difficult to sleep. Your brain often perceives blue light as being similar to the light of the Sun. As such, this light has the effect of making your circadian rhythms misread the time... Read more
Which Media Streaming Device is Right for You?
Today, most media we consume comes from the internet. Even if you get normal cable, you probably also want to watch Netflix or Hulu or some other service on your big screen. However, you’re wondering which streaming device you should use to stream this content to your living room.... Read more
Emulation, ROMs and the Future of Video Games
Emulation, the process of writing code that plays video games outside of their originally intended hardware, is of somewhat murky legality. It’s quite popular among video game enthusiasts to download emulators and ROMs, or the raw code that makes up a video game. However, the legality and morality of... Read more
The Best Qi Charging Pads: Charge Your Phone Wirelessly
No one likes having to fumble and look for their charging cord when they just want to charge up their phone. Between being hard to see in the dark and easy to lose track of, charging cables just feel so outdated. Thankfully, Qi-enabled phones can use wireless charging pads... Read more
Budget Gaming Laptops: Get the Most for Your Money
Anyone who has ever considered getting into PC gaming might have been immediately scared off by a few things. The first thing, of course, is just how complex it can be to build you own gaming rig. The second thing is just how expensive it can be to purchase... Read more
Best Earbuds for Running in 2019
Whether you’re an avid runner, exercise often or just want to get started, having a good pair of earbuds is important. Running can be a bit boring without music to listen to. As such, we’re digging into some of the best earbuds for running available in 2019! Let’s talk... Read more
The Microsoft Spring Sale is On
The Xbox One isn’t exactly killing it in the sales department. While Microsoft carried the day in the prior generation with their Xbox 360, this generation has largely humbled the company. The PS4, with its slate of stellar exclusive titles, has led the pack. On the bright side, this... Read more
Which Offers Better Sound: Analog or Digital?
The long-running debate over digital versus analog recording and playback has long divided music fans. Digital recording has been referred to as compressing and simplifying the sound of music. Analog recording and playback has been derided as outdated and inaccurate, mixing too much noise into the sound. Which one... Read more