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Huawei Ban: What This Could Mean
Huawei, the world’s second-biggest smartphone manufacturer, has been having a rough couple of months. Most recently, the Trump Administration issued an executive order that cuts the Chinese company off from American resources such as Google’s Android platform. Trump’s order, called “Securing the Information and Communications Technology and Services Supply... Read more
Best Ways to Save Battery on your Phone: Stop Running for the Charger
If you’re constantly finding yourself dashing for the phone charger, you’re probably sick of your short battery life. Why is your phone always dying, you ask? Well, you might have your phone settings drawing too much power from the battery. Here are some of the best ways to save... Read more
Which Smartphone has the Best Camera? Head to Head
Smartphones are getting better all the time, and one of the areas they’ve been excelling in recently is the camera. Smartphone cameras are an area where this is especially true: it seems that they’re always getting that much better! Which phone camera is the best, though? Today we’re going... Read more
Foldable Phone Support Coming to Android Q
Google’s newest update for the Android OS will include support for foldable phones like the Galaxy Fold, according to new reports. Despite the Fold’s early stumbling blocks, Google is pushing ahead with full OS support for the new type of smartphone. It seems Google has faith that the foldable... Read more
The Best Budget Android? Google Pixel 3a Review
The only drawback to Google’s stellar Pixel 3 smartphone is the high price tag. That means that the budget-friendly Pixel 3a was high on our radar. Does the handset stack up to the pedigree of its namesake, or has Google cut too much from this budget handset? Let’s get... Read more
Is Your Screen’s Blue Light Keeping You Up at Night?
Television screens, phone screens and computer screens all emit blue light that can make it very difficult to sleep. Your brain often perceives blue light as being similar to the light of the Sun. As such, this light has the effect of making your circadian rhythms misread the time... Read more
You Need a Smart Plug: Peace of Mind and Convenience at Once
We’ve all been there: you’re driving to work and start to worry. Did you turn off your curling iron? You’re left sitting at work worrying that you should head home and check, but you don’t have time to step away from your desk. If only you could just check... Read more
Which is the Better Smartphone OS, Android or iOS?
When it comes to smartphone platforms, there are two big names to choose from. On the one hand, you have iOS, the original smartphone operating system and a very stable option from Apple. On the other hand, you have the much more open Android system from Google that is... Read more
Can’t Find the Time? Try these To-Do Apps
You’re busy every single day. You’ve got tons of stuff to do, but you can never find the time to squeeze it all in. How are you supposed to organize your time and take command of what you need to get done? One of the easiest ways to get... Read more
Stop Cleaning Your Phone with the Wrong Materials: Tech Tips
When your phone gets dirty, you might be tempted to clean it with your shirt or your jeans. However, you should seriously avoid cleaning your phone without the proper materials and solutions. Cleaning your phone the right way will help it last longer and look better! Here are the... Read more