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Best Bluetooth Speakers for Your Summer Cookout
There’s nothing quite like having friends and family over in the backyard while you’re grilling burgers and hot dogs in the back. While you’re at it, why not throw on some great tunes to get the party really going? Today we’re looking at some of the best Bluetooth speakers... Read more
Snapdragon 855+: What’s Up With this New Android Chip?
Qualcomm, one of the biggest manufacturers of Android phone chips, has announced a mid-cycle upgrade for their Snapdragon 855 system on a chip (SoC). The newly-announced Snapdragon 855+ is still an eight-core SoC, and it’s still 7nm, but it has some notable upgrades. What does this mean for upcoming... Read more
Best 4K TVs Under $300
If you’ve been holding off on buying a 4K TV to wait for prices to drop (and for more 4K content to appear) then you’re not alone. While 4K displays look amazing, they’ve remained rather expensive when compared to 1080p HDTVs. Not to mention, until recently there hasn’t been... Read more
Is 5G Going to Make Your 4G Phone Obsolete?
The big shift from one to the next generation of wireless connectivity is right around the corner. This time around, the shift is coming in the form of 4G LTE coverage being augmented by 5G, an event that is being hotly anticipated by tech insiders. The question on most... Read more
Best Reasons to Get a Nintendo Switch: Gaming on the Go
With the announcement of the upcoming Nintendo Switch Lite and the steady slew of great new games hitting the system, Nintendo’s little hybrid console is red-hot right now. If you’ve been holding off on getting one, this September is your moment. The Switch Lite will be retailing for only... Read more
Best Budget Smart Phones: Getting More Bang for Your Buck
While everyone knows that Samsung and Google make great phones, they also charge flagship prices for their flagship phones. In order to help you make the most of your money, today we’re looking at some of the best deals out there for smart phone users. Let’s look at the... Read more
Best Billing and Invoice Software for Small Businesses
Whether your business has ten employees or a hundred, you need invoicing and billing software. After all, keeping up with who gets money, and how much, is critical to operating your business daily. As such, you need the best billing and invoice software you can get. Today we’re taking... Read more
Artificial Intelligence: Fact vs Fiction
One of the most misunderstood terms in computer science is “artificial intelligence”. While many people are familiar with the term artificial intelligence, or its shortened form, AI, they might have a picture of AI in their mind that doesn’t reflect the reality. Sci-fi movies paint a picture of an... Read more
Best Employee Time Tracking Software: Smarter Business Solutions
Every business needs the right tools in order to succeed. Chief among these tools are employee management tools. When your employees clock in, when they leave: these are critical data points you have to have great tracking of. Time tracking software is how you generate payroll, and how you... Read more
Best Smartphones in 2019: Best Phones Money Can Buy
When it’s time to upgrade, you want nothing but the best. If money is truly no object and you want to own the very best cellphone, you’ve got an overflowing number of options in 2019. From Samsung phones with killer displays to Google’s unbelievably cameras, there are ample options.... Read more