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Best 4K TVs Under $300
If you’ve been holding off on buying a 4K TV to wait for prices to drop (and for more 4K content to appear) then you’re not alone. While 4K displays look amazing, they’ve remained rather expensive when compared to 1080p HDTVs. Not to mention, until recently there hasn’t been... Read more
Best Reasons to Get a Nintendo Switch: Gaming on the Go
With the announcement of the upcoming Nintendo Switch Lite and the steady slew of great new games hitting the system, Nintendo’s little hybrid console is red-hot right now. If you’ve been holding off on getting one, this September is your moment. The Switch Lite will be retailing for only... Read more
Watching TV for Free: Ditching Cable
No one likes paying a ton of money just to watch TV. In 2019, it’s very difficult to justify spending a ton of money on TV when you can watch tons of content online for free. After all, YouTube offers a ton of content for free watching, while there... Read more
Sega Genesis Mini: Pricing and Release Details at Sega Fest
The upcoming Sega Genesis Mini looks promising. Sega has ditched third-party hardware makers in favor of manufacturing a proper emulation of their own classic hardware. At Sega Fest 2019, we got even more details about the upcoming retro console, including ten more game reveals and info on pricing and... Read more
Disney Now Owns all of Hulu: What This Means
On Tuesday, Disney purchased the rest of Comcast’s 33% share in the streaming service Hulu. When Disney acquired Fox, they received most of the rights to the streaming service, so Tuesday’s acquisition brings them into line as the only owners of Hulu. What will this mean down the road... Read more
Newest Spider-Man Trailer Holds Major Endgame Spoilers
Warning: big old spoilers from Avengers: Endgame wait ahead. If you don’t want to have the film’s biggest twists spoiled for you, avoid this article and the Spidey trailer! The newest trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home has hit, and it’s a doozy. Peter Parker and Happy Hogan are... Read more
Borderlands 3 Preview: A Billion Guns
Gearbox really needs a win after the fiasco that was Battleborn. That ill-fated first-person MOBA was unfairly stacked against Overwatch at a point in time when “hero shooters” were at their peak popularity. Thankfully, Borderlands 3 seems poised to put Gearbox back on the map as a developer. A... Read more
Which Console is Right for You? PS4 vs Switch
If you’re a little late to the current generation of gaming, you might be wondering which console is the right call for you. There area number of reasons to own either system, but most people don’t have enough income (or free time) for two systems. If you’re tossing up... Read more
Spotify Posts 100 Million User Numbers, Doubling Apple Music
There are two big names in the world of music streaming services. On the one hand, there’s Apple Music, which is baked into the infrastructure of Apple’s iPhone line. On the other hand, there’s Spotify, an algorithm-driven service that compiles personalized playlists for listeners. Spotify has now announced that... Read more
Which Media Streaming Device is Right for You?
Today, most media we consume comes from the internet. Even if you get normal cable, you probably also want to watch Netflix or Hulu or some other service on your big screen. However, you’re wondering which streaming device you should use to stream this content to your living room.... Read more