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If you have lower mobility or weak joints, you may find getting in and out of the bathtub to be difficult. If this is the case, consider a walk-in tub. Walk-in tubs are great for seniors with low mobility. There are a lot of walk-in tubs available of varying... Read more
Grover, Subscription Tech on the Reg
Now This could be something. Grover, a German start-up offering customers tech products on monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions, just raised more than $42 million in early-stage funding, he company hopes to change consumer behavior toward tech products by making outright purchases unattractive. After signing a partnership agreement with German... Read more
IFA 2018 Rumor Roundup
IFA occurs yearly in the German capital, rounding up tons of new types of consumer technology. Everyone who’s anyone in the world of technology will be there, and we can expect to see tons of new types of tech. From smartphones to smart home speakers to anything else you... Read more
Top Ten Games Nintendo Should Bring to the Nintendo 64 Classic
There’s nothing quite like a trip down memory lane. Everyone loves a good opportunity to wax nostalgic about their favorite video games. For many gamers, the era that introduced them to gaming was the N64 era, following the explosion of 3D adventure games. As such, the prospect of an... Read more
Apple’s iPhone X 6.1 Leak
It is once again that time of year. Now usually I like to wait till August 1st to start sifting through the rumors and mock ups about the new iphones, but we have a bonafide and pretty legitimate iPhone X 6.1 Leak. Serial mobile leaker Benjamin Geskin today shared... Read more
If you’re looking for the very best Android phones, odds are good the name Galaxy has come up a lot in your searches. Of course, Galaxy is an awesome brand. However, it’s not the only game in Android! Today, we’re looking at the top Android phones! Top Android Phones... Read more
When it comes to SUVs, luxury is the name of the game! After all, why get a great big SUV if it isn’t luxurious? If you’re in the market for a new SUV for the family and you want the best of the best, check out today’s list. Today... Read more
Top Ten Gadgets for Traveling
It’s that time of year when you’ll likely find yourself traveling. Whether you’re going on vacation with family, going hiking, or just taking a trip to the pool, you’ll want to bring the right gadgets. Today, we’re looking at the top ten gadgets for traveling! Make sure you don’t... Read more
When you get right down to it, no one likes losing their hair. While there are numerous expensive hair treatments out there, they’re largely unnecessary. Why is that, you might ask? Well, there are several natural hair regrowth remedies that you can try first. Let’s talk about regrowth! Ten... Read more
Disney Close to Finishing Deal to Acquire Fox
We’re so close to having the X-Men and Avengers meet on the big screen. On Friday, Fox shareholders agreed to Disney’s bid of $71.3 billion. This followed a bit of a bidding war between Disney and Comcast, who had previously bid $65 billion in cash. Most of Disney’s bid... Read more