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Flood Damage Restoration: What to Expect?
Flood damage, whether from an actual flood or from a busted pipe, can be incredibly stressful. There are ways to clean the damage and to restore the affected parts of your home. However, many people don’t know a lot about the restoration process. Today we’re going over some of... Read more
She Wished She Knew THIS ONE THING Before her Plumbing/Electrical Emergency
We’ve all been there. Suddenly, pipes burst. Your power fails. Your electrical or plumbing system in your home goes belly up at a moment’s notice, and you have no idea what to do about it. Well, we’ve got a few tips for you to help you figure out what... Read more
How Much of a Mortgage Should You Take On?
It can be difficult to think critically when it comes to home buying. After all, you want the best money can buy for you and your family. However, that doesn’t mean you should take on a huge mortgage just to get into a slightly bigger house that’s slightly closer... Read more
Best Ways to Market Your Business Online
We’re far from the days when taking out an ad in the local newspaper and hoping word of mouth was enough to keep your business afloat. Whether you’re a small business owner who is new to the game or you’ve owned a medium business for decades, online marketing is... Read more
Top Tips for Selling Your Home like a Pro
It’s not easy to sell your home. However, there are a lot of steps you can take to make it easier to sell your home quickly, for the price you want, and in a way that won’t make you pull your hair out. Today we’re going to help you... Read more
Should You Refinance Your Home?
Refinancing your home’s mortgage can be done for a variety of reasons. In short, refinancing a mortgage means paying off your existing loan balance with a different loan, allowing you to restructure your debt. One of the main reasons people do this is to get their interest rates lower,... Read more
How to Find the Best Realtor: Sell Your Home the Right Way
When it comes time to sell your home, you’re going to need the right realtor. You want to make sure you’ve got the right person in your corner to help you impress potential buyers, and to help you negotiate with sellers. In short, having a good realtor is like... Read more
Medicare, Medicaid, and What They Mean for You
Medicare and Medicaid are two major healthcare programs that are paid for by taxes and run by the US Government. They’re often conflated, due to their similar names and similar functionality, though they are far from interchangeable. Today we’re going over the important info regarding both, and helping you... Read more
What Should You Pay for a New Car?
Who doesn’t love the idea of driving around in a brand-new car? Not many people get to enjoy the fun of taking a new car out for a spin, let alone owning one. If you’re thinking about getting a new vehicle, maybe you’re wondering how much you should be... Read more
What to Know About United HealthCare
United HealthCare is one of the largest health insurance agencies in the US and was founded in 1974. The company is managed by UnitedHealth Group Inc. Today, they are considered one of the most reputable insurance agencies, and they often have excellent customer satisfaction ratings. Today, we’re going over... Read more