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4 Secrets to Save the Most $$$ on a Flight
Everyone loves traveling, and the most time-efficient way to go large distances is by flying. However, flying can be expensive, especially if you don’t fly frequently enough to rack up frequent flyer miles and earn savings that way. If you don’t fly often but want to find the best... Read more
INSANE Deals on Winter Jackets!
When it’s cold outside there’s nothing you need more than a nice winter coat. Everyone needs a good, reliable coat for the winter that keeps snow, rain and wind from chilling you to the bone as you go about your daily life. If you’re in the market for a... Read more
Peloton VS Mirror – What’s the Real Cost of Getting in Shape at Home?
Who loves going to a gym to get a sweat on- raise your hand. Who would rather work out from the comfort of their home with an extensive library of ever-expanding workouts- raise your hand… I thought so. In the last couple of years, the popularity of at-home connected... Read more
You Won’t Believe What AARP Offers Seniors For Discounts!
Many people ask the question as they get closer 50: is AARP worth it? The membership isn’t terribly expensive, and there are a number of benefits associated with being a member. However, do those benefits outweigh the yearly membership cost of AARP? Let’s look at the AARP and find... Read more