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Is it Possible to Get a Doctorate Online? The Facts Is it Possible to Get a Doctorate Online? The Facts
The pursuit of higher education is a noble one. However, not everyone has the time and money to set aside in order to pursue... Is it Possible to Get a Doctorate Online? The Facts

The pursuit of higher education is a noble one. However, not everyone has the time and money to set aside in order to pursue doctorate programs. If you’ve been wanting to go after a doctorate degree but you feel like your responsibilities would get in the way of going to a grad program, you’ve got options. As it turns out, you can take a doctorate program online! Today we’re going over the pros and cons of online doctorate degrees, so you can know the facts before you step into an online program.

Online Doctorate Programs

Doctorate Programs

A doctorate program is a higher education curriculum that students who have a graduate degree pursue. Typically, highly skilled and complex professions require a doctorate-level degree and possessing one can lead to a huge increase in your salary and the positions open to you in your career.

Hard to Get?

There are a lot of myths that circulate about online doctorate degrees. The biggest of these is the myth that an online degree is easier to acquire than a degree you receive in person. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While there are degree mills that churn out pieces of paper for money, they are far from the reality of online schools.

There are numerous accredited and reputable universities that you can attend online. These are full doctorate courses that offer all of the challenge and knowledge of a traditional school experience. That brings us to our next myth: the misconception that online degrees are easier to get.

Real Degrees

An online doctorate is a real degree. When you apply for a doctorate program, know that you’re signing up for a serious commitment. You’ll be expected to read the material, study diligently, work hard and write your dissertation. Online degrees aren’t junior versions of doctorate programs, they’re full-blown degree programs.

Another common misconception holds that people will find an online-acquired doctorate less important or impactful than one acquired in-person. This is also an untrue narrative. As we’ve laid out, online programs that are properly accredited are REAL doctorate programs. They are just as difficult and time consuming as getting your degree while attending a school.

Why Study Online?

Maybe you’re wondering why someone would opt to get their doctorate online. After all, if it’s not easier or faster than getting it in person, what’s the difference? This is largely missing the point of getting a degree, though. The biggest draw to online programs is the flexibility they offer working people with many responsibilities.

It can often be difficult to find the time to make it to campus for lectures, tests and the like. For many busy people, it’s so much easier for their schedule if they can work on their doctorate from home, on their own time. That way, they’re able to tackle the material under their own parameters and cover things at their own pace.

How to Get an Online Doctorate

If you’re serious about getting your degree online, you need to make a plan. Do some research, see which school looks right for you. Consider what degree path you want to take. Are you trying to advance in your career by getting your doctorate, or are you looking to switch careers? Once you’ve figured out what program you want to be in, get ready to set aside some resources.

Be realistic with yourself. How much time and energy can you devote to the program? What’s a realistic timetable for yourself as you tackle your degree? Remember, you still want to have some free time to spend with friends and family. At the end of the day, just remember that you can take on a doctorate at your own pace when you opt to go with an online degree!