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They’re FINALLY Here! The Best 5G Smartphones:
5G technology is now here, we can finally see the first phones using the new tech. This is a huge moment for technology. Are you ready for the changes? Many have wondered which first phones will be using the tech, well we’re going to delve a bit deeper into... Read more
Is 5G Going to Make Your 4G Phone Obsolete?
The big shift from one to the next generation of wireless connectivity is right around the corner. This time around, the shift is coming in the form of 4G LTE coverage being augmented by 5G, an event that is being hotly anticipated by tech insiders. The question on most... Read more
5G Networks are Coming: Are You Ready?
The biggest shift in wireless communications history is coming up soon, and it goes under the name “5G”. The newest advancement in wireless communications technology, 5G networks will revolutionize communications speed and change the way the world communicates. This might sound like hyperbole, but it isn’t: this will be... Read more
Is 5G Going to be That Big a Deal?
Verizon unveiled their first public test of a 5G network yesterday in Chicago. This occurred well ahead of the April 11th target date. However, the question remains: is 5G going to be that big of a deal? Today we’re going to look at what the experts are saying about... Read more
5G Smartphones: What Phones Will Use the New 5G Tech?
5G technology is on the horizon, and we can expect to see the first phones using the new tech by the end of the year. Many people have wondered what the first phones using the tech will be. Today we’re going to delve a bit deeper into 5G technology... Read more
Houston, We have Verizon 5G!
We have liftoff! Big news and advancement in the Verizon 5G world. Verizon, Motorola, Qualcomm and Samsung announced that they’ve achieved the world’s first 5G data transmission to a smartphone using a “commercial 3GPP 5G New Radio (NR) network.” Verizon kicked in the spectrum and network, Samsung made the radio,... Read more
AT&T’s 5G Updates
We have 3 big 5g news updates from AT&T’s 5G this week. They seem to be the front runner for the next gen network with a very organized and aggressive expansion model. I have talked about the benefits, Upgrades and all-encompassing human evolution that will come with AT&T’s 5G... Read more
5G Iphone, No Not Yet
We have all read the 5 part dissertation of the 5G network here at We know 2018 is going to be the year that 5G networks finally set up and start our next stage in human evolution. 5G smartphones will be expanding rapidly in 2019. WE are all... Read more
The New 5G Network Will Evolve the World Part 5
Wow what a week it has been, we found out a lot about this new 5g network. You now know we are on the cusp of the next big jump in human evolution. We know now how, where, when, who and why of the new 5G Network. Yes, we... Read more
The 5G Network Will Evolve the World Part 4
Over the past few days we have been delving in to the next generation of mobile internet connections and what it will mean for our daily lives, what we can expect, who and where this will come from and what we can make of all of this. In this... Read more